Saturday, January 28, 2006

Feeling the need to Blog.

Haven't written here in awhile. Having a blog like this makes me wish I paid more attention to my Freshmen High school Lit teacher Mr. Murray. He was a large bear-esque sweat dripping Irishman. He always wore suits but it didn't matter because they were always reduced to his sweat. I barely did any homework in that class but still passed. Wish I worked harder as my writing would be better now, anyway, here it goes.
Saturday night, I have just finished what I think is my best painting to date. A large six ft/3ft oil of etheric spiritual beings protecting the earth with light from all parts of the universe. It reminds me of a fusion of Guernica by Mr. Picasso and parts of the Sisine Chapel, by Mr. Bunaratti(Michelangelo) thrown into deep space, fused, on acid and recombined. That is my best description of this painting which has opened up yet another door in my heart and vision. My website will be updated soon with it so I won't go into any more visual description as it is kind of superfilous without the image at hand.
I have been cranking since Christmas. Non-stop painting, meditation, Mantra Ohm-Gam-Gana-Patea-Namaha(Ganesh release of blockage mantra) excercise, have not been taking any shit from the man, just teaching part-time, even sold a painting, (Ms. Finland,Blue series.) Have been feeling completely in control of my energy. No time to look back at the last five years, only time to be present and look ahead. Sometimes I wonder if I could have gotten more accomplished artistically in these years, thought I have been working at it. *LIfe seems to be like the invisible bridge of faith, there is no bridge until you take that step and it magically appears beneath your feet. Like Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. Giving is as important if not more then recieving. The consciousness of lack is based in the ignorant insanity of the mass consciousness. People can do whatever they want if only they program themselves in this way. I am sick worrying about the "world" and will there be enough for me and will I make it. Fuck it, I am and will. Will be happy to go to the grave with a paintbrush in my hand. I don't really give a shit, Love making art, My gift, bestowed as a curse in my darkest hour ten years ago. Love it, "you need to lose to know how to win" -Aerosmith.
Heard from astrologer, this week is supposed to be the most powerful astrological week in a hundred years. Sounds good to me. Last time she said this, there was a Sunami in the Indian Ocean. She is usually right on about world events, even called the mixing of the presidential ballets back in 00. I am feeling so strong and positive about things right now. Like I can see a hundred miles away. Maybe thats not a good thing. I swear I am about to do something crazy like buy another five-thousand pound block of marble, ten thousand even, maybe twenty. I want to explode, up, down, side way , before , after inbetween, I am talking ECSTATIC CATHARSIS. Anyway, am happy to be in(yes on a Sat. night) typing away. I have come to realize, only after YEARS of partying that there is nothing out in the night that I haven't experienced before. There is always the draw of going out, but when I am peaking creatively in the studio, whats the point. This is where I want to be, its the only place I have ever wanted to be. I know exactly what I was born to do and I hope the whole world sees it in time.
peace and light *Scott

Monday, January 16, 2006

Quote from Indigo files at

The unveiling of your true Octarine/Crystal core can be harrowing at times, but it is ultimately rewarding, in ways that are unimaginable to the uninitiated. It’s like you’ve suddenly grown a whole meter, or have been given color vision in a monochrome world, or can hear musical chords and melodies after being deaf. Your life will radically change, but once that change has settled in, you will wonder how you managed to get along before it happened. You will quietly use your newly unveiled Gifts to help the rest of humanity find its way to wakefulness, seeking no reward or recognition- but content to be part of the great wave of Awakening Light that is sweeping the world.