Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pura-Vida, Costa Rica

It has now been several weeks since my return from the land of infinite paradise, Costa Rica. I wish I could sum up in feelings and sensations the way I still feel because of this land I visited for fifteen days including my birthday. Since I am blogging I will try to do some justice with words. Paradise, faith, the reward of trusting in self, just to name a few..... To have gotten out of the US and to a new country for the first time in twelve years is EXACTLY what I needed! It took so much emotional, psychic and physical inertia for me to take this trip, I still can't believe it did it. The land itself is like Jurassic park without the dinosaurs. As you are flying into the airport you fly right next to a volcano and arrive onto a land, half mountainous and half coastal! The land itself is like VErmont, Colorado, California etc. all rolled into one!
My time was divided up between the Diamante Valley and Dominical, sea side town! Vista after vista of beautiful trees, valleys, sunsets, Trees, waterfalls not to mention some very large spiders and Scorpions. One night while using the bathroom I noticed a huge tarantula spider on the door, so I decided to go elsewhere. This time on the farm was incredible and filled with friends from back home and new friends. After a week here we all emerged into the ocean town of Dominical. This fit me perfectly cause it was my first real taste of the culture of the country.
The locals and visitors there, which there are many as it is a big surf town have an expression "Pura Vida" Pure Life which they say and almost wish to each other as they walk down the street! It was in the recognition of this custom that I totally understood and begin to wake up to the blissfull feeling of life these people live each and every day. It was like being born again in the joy that is "Pura Vida." Not that life is not pure everywhere, but in this place, the set is fraught and filled with characteristics of paradise like the temperature, and it was hot, to the sunsets, ocean waves, puffy clouds and all the trappings of the tropics. One of my favorites was the cold coconuts chopped with a large knife and drunk using a straw! I also had the pleasure to experience many "vortexes" while on the coast. Beaches of such beauty and magnetic power, I felt them lifting my own vibratory energy field. On my birthday four of us hired a taxi to take us to a special beach "las Ventanas" the windows. Upon arrival to the beach our friend Jake scaled one of the many coconut trees there and cut down fifteen coconuts from which we drank from the rest of the afternoon into the sunset. They actually put a candle in one and sang me happy birthday. It was the best Birthday ever! We explored to caves within a cliff from which the ocean was whipping into and making a frightening noise. In no other beach in my life have I ever felt such raw power and mystery. We stayed for the amazing Pacific sunset and quickly got off the beach and back to the taxi before it got to dark! IT's funny, this whole day was so amazing and went past in the blink of an eye, like I knew it would.
I'm still sitting with the lessons and beauties I learned from this incredible place. I also think I re-met myself, a part of myself I had forgotten about not having taken a trip like this in so long. I know this was the first of many and hope to journey to Peru next to check out Machu Pichu and some of the other temple sights. My trip to Costa Rica taught me how to really trust in myself and the universe......................