Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Somerville Open Studios May 1-2, noon - 6pm

Somerville Open Studios
May 1+2, 2010
Saturday + Sunday, noon - 6pm

Hello and happy spring to everyone. It is that time again when over three hundred visual artists in Somerville throw open their doors to the public. This is my eleventh open studio.... I've been embedded in this studio for a decade making art and being an artist. I knew from my first art class in college that art was no casual thing for me! My drive to produce beautiful things has been almost in full steam this spring. I have been carving Butterflies out of stone since my return from the Tropical Mecca of Costa Rica. I always look forward to helping new and past collectors in acquiring and owning my work. On that note I have a repository of about twenty older paintings that I have priced at five-hundred dollars or less (20%) off and as always during open studios I honor a (10%) discount on all works purchased throughout the event! This will be the first year I will also be opening up my little carving studio across the hall so people can get a feel for my carving! process! I do hope you can find a little time in your busy spring weekend to see some of my art.
I hope this note finds you well and the sun shining above you.....

Monday, April 05, 2010

Very Satisfying Photo Shoot.

photo credit: Peter Paradise

I just recently had a photographer over to the studio named Peter Paradise! I have been a big fan of his work for years. So much so that I maid a painting after one of his portraits of a Belly Dancer named Sara Wood! Peter has been a guy I see at community gatherings all the time and has a great rep. as a photographer of local musicians, dancers and hoopers.
His work is very clean and very distinctive. He actually told me during the shoot that he hopes people won't like twenty percent of the work he does, this really caught me off guard.
Peter arrived around three and it was a clear sunny day and the sun was shining bright in my studio as he detected with his light meter!
I am still amazed by the way he brought me out of my familiar facial expressions and set a tone for the kind of pictures he wanted to take. He told me to stop frowning and exude confidence which I think I did in the end! I really appreciate the way he took the image of me that I see all the time and changed it into the image he saw with his camera. I just wanted to take time to post some of the pics here as they are quite good.............