Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Earth's Magnetic Field Sculpture

Earth's Magnetic field has emerged from that "new stone" I purchased and blogged about a little over a month ago. The carving process was very satisfying as I hadn't worked on a bigger piece in a long time. It took some time for the form to emerge out of the stone. Countless sessions, alot of stepping back from the work. Some dreams I had helped. If you click on my website cahaly.net/gallery/creation you can see all the angles of the piece. It came out like a sculpted version of my earth paintings cahaly.net/gallery2/view_album.php
The work was completed and just about finished off when I saw this great Nova episode last week about how scientists are speculating that the earths magnetic field, which keeps our atomosphere free of solar detrimental glare might be weakening. All my work recently has to do with the rejuvination and protection of the planet in physical and non-physical terms so I thought this concept might be a good title and description for the sculpture. There is literally a little carved earth on the side being held in a hand, which connects to a form spiraling upward into almost an eternity symbol connected to an angelic face in profile with hair, and coming out of the back of the hair is another hand with one finger extended out reaching out for that divine spark again which keeps appearing in all my work. In this case a divine spark needed to help the earth's magnetic field. peace, Scott.