Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Studio Pictures

I decided to post pictures of my studio. People have been telling me for years that I should have studio pics, so here they are. This studio, like a painting or a sculpture is a continual work in progress. I moved in here SIX whole years ago, the world was alot different, I was more immature and Somerville seemed to be the only and most affordable place to go if you wanted to be an artist. I have enjoyed this space in that time. Its not perfect but it inspires me. Paintings, Sculpture, plants, fish, salt lamps, candles, books, computer, meditation shrine. I keep it fully equipped as to be conductive to my creativity. I have gotten some really nice compliments about it from others over the years. I have had a bunch of gettogethers here but for the most part I am a bit selfish with it and try to keep it sacred. The last thing I need is someone from Revere ashing in one of my large marble statues at 2 a.m. then saying in a serious Boston accent, "SARRY DUDE." I'm a huge fan of ambience and night. I get serious sunsets in here which touch me, but my favorite time is at night with soma fm on and a few of my night time special effects, which there are many in here. On one level I feel I have charged the space up with a combination of meditation chants and mental time spent in creativity. So placement seems feng shui(?) but within this set up the spirit of the works vibrate off another injecting the visitor even more with a taste of what I believe is the etheric plane.
My rent isn't too bad, which allows me to spend more time in and create and market. The neighborhood feels like Brazil. I think the Brazilian population in this part of Slummerville is higher then any other. I like it. Its like being in the U.S. and not, all at the same time. Thanks for reading, gotta go....................

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Sculpture @ The Museum of Fine Arts.

Just writing to let folks
know I will have a small sculpture, Vibratory Echo
at the Museum of Fine Arts Summer Party this weekend.
The sculpture was selected and will be part of the
silent auction aspect of the evening. I will be
there in very formal attire,(yikes.) For more
information on the event please see link
Tickets are still available if anyone is interested in
a regal evening at the Museum of Fine Arts.

peace, Scott.