Friday, February 17, 2006

Earth Paintings & Di*men*sioned Sculptures

Six hours left until this Aquarian has his birthday. The thought of being born durning the mid-seventies with all the bellbottoms and easy listening music.... I think I had a good year. Have been very creative/semi-abundant. Was able to pay most of my bills most of the time and got a good car. The usual romantic trail of solid bread crumbs continued but like usual I ended my year single and being ultra-self absorbed in my work. Not against the idea of a good relationship in the longrun but want things to go slow and not move too quickly so it doesn't end too quickly.
In the last few weeks I took the needed steps to get my website updated, which consisted of a photo shoot, new user friendly website gallery, and wrestling with photoshop. Finally its done for anyone interested to see. My work has definately got more spiritual/new age but thats fine because I am like that. Describing each piece of work in the captions section was kind of like speaking my own language. Cosmos, astral, light, angels, protection all hallmark terms I used again and again. This work is coming right from my soul, but I feel it may be a little ahead of the "art world" that really reveres innocous dull work. Whatever anyone thinks about this work, good or bad I know that I feel it and that it came from a genuine place inside me which I am always cultivating and gaurding!
The theme of Earth paintings started hitting my canvases post-New Orleans. My first couple paintings back this year were like missed shots at a dartboard. Strong work but not worthy of the website or keeping with this new series. A globe started showing up all of the sudden and then just sat in one painting on the easel for weeks. I think I painted over it and didn't re-visit it for another month or so. Instead of painting small canvases developing the theme more quickly, I started painting big immeadiately. The usual Pearl/artistan supply runs for gesso and paints were routine. The idea of hands being a conductor for spiritual light and help for the earth just showed up. Inspired by Michelangelo's creation fresco of God(as the old man) pointing to Adams limp finger. Painting the globe over and over again was easily the most recognizable and realistic work I have ever done in my life. It felt kind of wierd at first but then customary as a springing board to jump into the rest of the space on the canvas. I just came into about ten huge stretchers randomly yesterday,(happy early birthday) which I intend to keep working on.
This is the time in the year when I usually go back to stone carving, which has really been calling out to me lately. I am conflicted as I miss carving but I feel I need to pursue this series and push it as FAR as possible.
The Di*men*sioned sculptures don't have quite the storybook quality to them as the Earth Paintings do. Each piece was carved in response to the raw block of stone I purchased. These sculpture display a high degree of negative space in the middle of each statue. An idea I am quite fond of for stone sculpture as it is normal to think of the stone being in the middle rather then air. I think its fascinating to have an empty middle and then let the work be re-ducted around this space. To be able to carve stone into a form that makes it look light or even floating, is positively fascinating to me. I wish I had a clone so one of us could be painting and one sculpting all the time. Here is the newly updated website link, please have a look and let me know what you think.
*namaste Scott