Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello and happy new year. Things seem to moving well here in the world of the art! 2007 ended on a strong point with the birth of a new sculpture called "Birds of a Feather" see sculpture page. I'm really glad I decided to drive to NYC for Halloween for alot of reasons but specifically cause I purchased several pieces of beautiful stone from the stone dealer there! I had a great year of painting but like most years I was missing my three dimensional side and as of November I believe, I put down my brushes for the near future and picked up my chisels. Work has been leaving my studio at an alarming rate lately and it seems really strange to have open wall space. I think a side of me wants to keep all the work I produce. I'm starting to see how deeply I am into my own world, its been over ten years now of serious art making and I feel it just keeps getting more serious! 07 closed out with a handful of decent group shows, including several in NYC, 08 is starting with an excellent group show called "Surrealism: Echos of Past and Present"
January 4 - February 29, 2008 @ Diamond/Newman fine art in the South End The show went up, this past first week of the New Year and it looks great. I feel my recent paintings being exhibited there energize the space, there are four other artists showing as well. There are two planned openings as the show is up for two month. I like this because I feel that a typical month show isn't always enough time. Last night at the first opening many people were looking in a trance at the works, specifically "the heart of cosmic yoga" and "American Breakfast, Global Warming Style" ITS SO NICE TO SEE WORK UP IN A GOOD VENUE AFTER SPENDING COUNTLESS HOURS, MONTHS AND YEARS ALONE PRODUCING IT! I am happy I'm feeling inspired as always and have a new huge stone to carve, who knows what it will be, I'll let you know...................