Saturday, September 17, 2005

Artist's First-ever blog/ Finding the "me" in Memo with my niece

This is cool. Have been reading blogs. Never written one. Finally a chance for my horrible use of the English language to be witnessed by a countless three people. Anyhow, made a laundry run to my parents late last night and could not sleep past four in the morning. Found it needed to watch almost the whole season of Entourage on demand television. The character who plays ari, the acting agent is in hyper-space. That actor is so funny he makes me scream, along with Matt Dillon's brother who plays the star's brother, VERY FUNNY. Got my laundry done, had breakfast with the folks at a familiar breakfast nook a town away. Most of the conversation consisted of money, something I am in short hold of as I am a visual artist. Not that I don't believe artist's cannot be rich but right now I am "getting buy."
After leaving the meal which my father paid for, I hopped in my car back to my studio to continue working on a very abstract painting called turtle-earth which so far in its groundpainting form consists of a huge cosmic turtle with the earth as its massive round shell. As always I wasn't sure where this one was going but its truth became revealed as soon as I started painting it from the middle of the canvas and working out to the paremeters. On my drive to my studio I realized i was near my brothers house and had the option of swinging buy and seeing my beautiful young three year old niece. I did and the two of us sat together, her in my lap, and she screened finding memo for me. My first time ever. She even knew how to use the dvd player and she is just three. In my mind I was like, alright, I need to swim so I will only stay and watch for like fifteen minutes. From the onset, watching memo, "I was hooked" brilliant colors, funny dialogue and about fish. I have been an amateur icthyologist for most of my life and have almost always kept a fishtank at one point or another so, I was really "hooked."
Needles to say there was a scene which incorporated these Bill and Ted type surfer turtles giving the protagonists a ride through the australian jet stream under the ocean. These turtles, not only gave me ideas for my "turtle earth painting" but also reminded me of the universe. Because I wasn't in such a rush to get IN to the studio and work, I ended up here seeing these turtles which hopefully will inspire me to finish my painting.
Another thing nice about the visit was that fact it felt like quality time. As a single artist I am very selfish and tend to go out alot. Alot of late nights and other things. Fun for a bit, but in the end much like a hangover. Its good in small doses, but those doses become regular. Lately I have felt the need to stay in more and paint or sculpt, (I also carve stone.) Its taken courage for me to live more of a "sober" life. Lately I try to have the best people around me for that. Not that other people are bad, but just people with good energy where I feel energized after being with them and not drained. My niece IS at the top of my list for this and I love her, I know (ah!)
Anyhow I do recommend Memo and also taking time out to arrive in a situation where you could watch such a film that entails a shark intervention ten step program type thing to stop them from eating fish. Cheers.


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nice shirt,

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I love the backgroung of your pic. You must like living in what looks like a very spiritual place.