Monday, October 24, 2005

Speed of reality

Is it my artistic imagination or is reality really moving fast. When I say reality really moving fast I mean things seem very urgent lately. Not just on a collective earthquake, hurricane level but on all levels. This month there has been so much stuff happening that it has unhinged my previously established calm meditative bedrock that I have been building up for years.
It is very good to have a social network and have things going on. A funny thing happens to me when I am socializing. Instead of feeling like, okay I went to a great party, or concert or gathering or whatever now I can go home and chill out. Its different, socializing, for me almost breeds more socializing. Its great but distracting. There was a span of years when I was totally non-social and stayed in and made art all the time. The thought of making plans wasn't possible as I felt no nourishment from being social. Now its like the need to stay in and make art and being hyper-social are wrestling with each other. One of the good things about this cold weather and the winter in general is that it breeds studio time for me. Not that there are less things going on around (BASTAN) but the need to be outside warming myself in the sun like a reptile has ceased.
I see people all around who should be staying in being productive but instead are getting strung out on whatever social scenes their on. I try to keep myself in a mindset where I get stuff done during the week and weekends and still maintian time for going out. I am a proponent of a well-balanced mindset. I find it really interesting how much stuff people I talk to have going through their head. I always say, do you MEDITATE and I am looked at like a child on the back of a milk carton. People don't realize, because this realization only comes from doing, but meditation is the answer to neurosis, suffering, depression. Not all at once, and it does take years but it as important as jogging, at least as much as text messaging.........

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