Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Holiday Open Studio

SCOTT CAHALY: Holiday Open Studio
Saturday: Nov 19, 12-5

Displayed at Scott Cahaly’s Studio (SCS)

SCS is part of Mad Oyster building located in
Somerville just a five minute drive from the
Brickbottom building. An urban studio unlike any
other where life size stone statues coexist with
colorful paintings, plants, fish, fountains and the
artist’s own zen meditation center. All created by
Scott Cahaly, known stone sculptor, passionate
painter, popular teacher and tireless scenester.

Cahaly’s sculpture and painting seek to depict
inner and outer realms, the metaphysical, the
transcendent, and a sense of timelessness and
mystery. In both the painting and the sculpture he
uses repetition of stylized depictions of the face
and the human form. At times these are easily
recognized, and at others they are abstracted almost
past the point of recognition. He combines these with
animal imagery, and familiar symbols such as hearts,
stars, suns and moons.

On display will be New Nazca Stone, the three year
twenty-five hundred pound marble statue he carved by
hand. Begun in the basement of a museum in central
Vermont and finished in his Somerville studio the
statue conjures up the art of the Aztecs and Incans
as interpreted through Cahaly’s trademark style.

For directions, please contact artist, GRACIAS.

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