Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Aorta Energy Data

Hello to anyone reading this blog. I have not blogged here in awhile, the blog has kind of sat like soil under the frozen snow. Now its time to thaw it out. Alot of beautiful growth is happening within me, created through emotional pain but ultimately channeled into a new artistic direction. Tomorrow is the fourth of July and I am here in my studio painting my head off. I just started doing yoga again in the last two weeks which has allowed me access to more personal power. I really like how yoga allows the chakras to opened up and for more energy to flood in, I still feel great from it today and hope to be doing Yoga classes at least twice a week. It is an intention I want to stick.
I just finished a large painting which may or may not mark a new direction. My attempt with this one was to take familiar imagery and painting symbols and attach them in a much more loose way. This spring I did an awful lot of realistic work, portraits, religious scenes, commissioned work etc. I love this type of work but it is to clear what it is. Something about abstraction , its almost like realism on a level of perception we as humans don't have. Kind of like a big mystery. There are alot of hearts in this new painting, hurting hearts, protected hearts, and bursting love filled hearts. The universe can certainly serve up a hard dish of disappointment in this life and its good and important to protect the heart, give it time to heal and ultimately let is burst forth with new loving energy. There are also abstract images throughout the painting, including colorful serpents birds, eyes but for the most part, the painting is a color/information explosion which isn't supposed to come off as to rigid. Its just a beginning in a new directions of my emotions, visualisations and technique and color pouring all out over the canvas. Aorta Energy Data is kind of like an assessment of where a persons emotional stamina is at from an abstract visual perspective, like having data shown on a screen or(canvas) on any subject area. Yes, no secret, this is my Aorta Energy Data.
I am desperately missing Stone carving as I have been painting for six months now, but feel I still have to push further in this direction of new imagery to see what comes out and feel confident that the cool days of fall will be an adequate window for me to slip back into my stone carvers shoes. Namaste, ~Scott~

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