Thursday, January 11, 2007

A movie and Scotch!

Well here in my studio on this 27 degree night, I'm glad winter decided to show up. Being a visual artist I find the cold months extremely inspiring and usually get alot done. No big distractions outside, except for the 65 degree day on Saturday that forced me to get some sun on my face while disregarding my current Earth Painting. I have been carving stone since early spring and just went back to painting. I kind of burnt out of three-dimensional ideas in my little sculpture studio, I admit it, its fine. I have always split the year between painting and sculpting. Both mediums have a symbiotic relationship and inform the other. Check out my "Creation Sculptures" and look at "The Earth's Magnetic field" I think it was one of my better pieces I came up with this year, it will be on display at the Decordova Museum starting at the end of the month. I am in a nice little break time before my teaching starts at the Decordova in a couple of weeks. I have been busy painting and reading several books. I have been reading this Abraham Material. Abraham is a whole group of spirits that is channeled through a human medium, and her husband writes down the sessions. Its much like the Seth material, Jane Roberts channeled decades ago. Abraham is much more powerful in my opinion, they talk all about the power of attraction and not just visualizing the reality you want to create, but adding genuine emotion to it starting in the belly. The rational is that if you want something and concentrate on it you will get it. I have been pretty good with this programming lately, have even been writing notes in a journal I was given at Christmas. These phrases are so beautiful and powerful, I transfer them by pen to paper as I want to revisit them again and not just the next time I read the book. Well right now I am inbetween time which is probably why I am blogging. Yesterday was fun, spent the whole day with Shannon. We ate breakfast in a very over-priced but fun breakfast(brunch) place in the South End called the Buttery. Then we drove to a matinee(?) at the kendall theatre called "little Children" It was excellent, the perfect kendall, forget about yourlife, live vicariously through others type movie, Starring Kate Winslet, and Jennifer Connoly for those who need "eye candy" like me. Then we went to whole foods on river st. in Camb and had dinner at the salad bar. We both have a great affinity for everything about whole foods and I exclaimed over salmon pasta, that I never know where I am unless I come into this whole foods regulary. Then we did a little food shopping, grabbed a bottle of Ravenwood zinfandel and went to a friends house where we proceeded to drink the bottle along with some single malt Scotch that was provided by the hostess. I can't really rememeber drinking Scotch in the past, all I can say is I think it opened up my chakras.... Went to a really fun macrobiotic dinner party in the South End Saturday night, with good conversation and great people. Over the holidays, I think I racked ten or so dinner/parties including two hanukkah parties. Somewhere in my mind a dradle is spinning.......... Anyway, my attention span to this writing is starting to move into a new interest, so I am gonna go. Will try to write more often this year. Peace, S.

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