Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spaghetti Monster

Feeling the need to blog. Something is going on with my art, very peculiar. Its recreating itself. Seems after the new years, I went through some sort of tunnel, deeper into my vision and my subconscious then I have before. First painting back was Spaghetti Monster, inspired by a pasta dinner in Falmouth with Shannon. The figure is all colorful and is holding a fork and knife in hand literally shoveling spaghetti into his mouth. Originally I was going to name the painting, Spaghetti or Pesto, but on a chance spell check of Spaghetti on dictionary .com I was lead to a wikepedia story about the flying raelien spaghetti monster. Something about it stuck instantaneously. I just got rid of the flying part and kept the rest. Sometimes I think, the title is as important as the piece, but probably it should be a proper cherry on top of the painting sunday! The painting was finished and within a week I had med a gallery online in Manhattan in Chelsea who wanted some work for me for their current show. I had no plans on going to NYC then at my birthday dinner at the Middle East on Feb 18, my friend Elliot just randomly asked me if I wanted to go that week. He had a job interview on Thursday. On that same day, I had already received an invitation to an Andy Warhol opening at my friend Cynthia's loft on 13th st. So I said, ya lets do it, Elliot, Paul and I went. He had his interview, Paul brought his camera for the party and I dropped the painting off. The gallery I dropped the painting off at was a small little space on 24th st. across from the famous Gargosian Gallery which shows artists such as Richard Serra etc.. The gallery is set up in an organic underground sort of way with alot to see, from floor to ceiling. The owners are two artists living in the NYC area and tired of all the sterile galleries in Chelsea. They wanted to do something different with this space and they have. I left my painting there and plan to go back and get it in Mid-March, that is if it does not sell. Anyway, not to digress to long, I feel really inspired and hope to bottle this feeling and make it last. cheers, Scott

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